Project Life 2015 | Weeks 12 and 13

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 12 and 13 were lacking in photos, so I had some extra room to play around with creating and embellishing some journaling/filler cards. Although I enjoy the ability to add more 6x4 photos with the 9x12 Project Life size, I really like how easy it is to position the photos and cards in this page protector that has only 3x4 slots.

The Clearly Kelly outline alpha stamps are probably the first alphabet stamps I've used. It can be a bit tedious to line up and align each letter, but it leaves so many possibilities for customized words and phrases. I used them with Staz-On ink to create a journaling card title. To random letters, I added pops of color with the different patterns the stamp set comes with. I also added the checkbox list stamp to note down the different books I read or was in the process of reading. At the top, I included a letterpress card that says "happy memories" in navy ink.

Week 13 wasn't a fantastic week, so I just tried to fill in the pockets and be done with it. I used a couple of 6x4 photos since I was really lacking in photos that week. I added a few filler items like the Ali Edwards digital stamp "make it happen", and created a little card with Amy Tangerine alphas.

To one of the photos, I used a Clearly Kelly stamp with Brillance ink in Galaxy Gold to add a little extra detail.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Clearly Kelly "Food Coma" stamps, Clearly Kelly "Take Note" stamps, Clearly Kelly "Daily Life" stamps, Paislee Press Week in Review Card, Studio Calico Color Theory ink pad in "lemon zest", Ali Edwards Hello Goals digital stamps, We R Memory Keepers Journaling Lifestyle Letterpress Plates

Project Life 2015 | Weeks 10 and 11

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

These weeks have a bit more embellishing than weeks previous. I ordered some Clearly Kelly stamps from Paper Issues, and had some fun stamping everywhere. Week 10 was a week off in between placements, so there was some time to relax, exercise, and meet up with friends. On the top left photo, I tried to stamp "big bite" directly on the photo, but my Staz-On ink had dried out (I left it uncovered one night by accident) and I didn't get a good transfer. To cover the mess, I just stamped on a piece of cardstock and stapled it over the botched attempt.

The lines and date in the "documented" card were letterpressed with teal ink. I love the added texture the letterpress gives! On the bottom right photo, I used Brilliance ink in Galaxy Gold. The ink is great for directly stamping on photos and looks especially nice against darker backgrounds.

Week 11 ended up having a brighter color scheme than normal (for me). I noticed I had a lot of red, yellow, and blue in my photos so I used mainly those primary colors for patterned paper and embellishing. This was also the first week I decided to try a different page protector (the one with 9 3x4 slots). This page protector was easier to work with in terms of arranging photos and cards since there were restrictions with 6x4 photo slots.

Although I didn't add many embellishments, I like the extra details of the stamping and letterpressing. It also helped to fill in some slots when I didn't have enough photos. Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Clearly Kelly "Food Coma" stamps, Clearly Kelly "Take Note" stamps, Clearly Kelly "Daily Life" stamps, Paislee Press Week in Review Card, Studio Calico Color Theory ink pad in "lemon zest", Brilliance Galaxy Gold ink pad , We R Memory Keepers Journaling Lifestyle Letterpress Plates

Project Life 2015 | Weeks 8 and 9

Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm impressed I've made it this far with Project Life this year! Putting it together a month at a time seems to be working well. I've been trying to make an effort to take more pictures this year, which has made the whole PL process easier since I'm just slotting them into the page protector pockets. Week 8 involved an attempt to start studying for the upcoming national board exam, a hockey game, and cold weather + snow = hot chocolate and marshmallows.

To keep the focus on the photos, I've been using mainly tags and stickers as embellishments. It's also been helping to keep the spreads relatively flat which will (hopefully) save some room in my album. I'm hoping the whole year will fit in one album, but I'm not sure if that'll be realistic.

I wanted to add a full photo, but like I mentioned in this post, getting 9x12 photos printed isn't the most convenient for me. I decided to add a 6x8 photo insert instead. For the text, I used this lovely minimalistic Paislee Press photo template.

This week, I was a little low on photos so I included a screenshot of the TV show I was binge-watching with Billy (House of Cards season 3) and a red filler card from an older Studio Calico Project Life kit. I thought that the phrase was fitting for my last week at my first external practicum. I met up with a friend in my program and we went for our usual bi-monthly brunch. To add some extra journaling, I used a simple Big City Quiet journaling card. For some extra color, I added a floral Paislee Press sticker to the bottom.

Thanks for checking out my Project Life! Have a great week :)

Products Used: Big City Quiet Days of the Week Journaling Cards, Paislee Press Week in Review Card, Paislee Press Pictures and Words No. 7, Paislee Press 6x8 Minimalist Template

Project Life 2015 | Weeks 6 and 7

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

For February, I took the same approach as I did in January and waited until the end of the month to put it all together. This seems to be working since it makes it easier to just get one batch of photos printed at the end of the month. For the first week of February, I didn't end up taking too many photos so I had some room to add more journaling. I used the Paislee Press week in review card, a Big City Quiet journaling card for the weekend, and included a Big City Quiet filler card since we had a bit of a snow storm that week. I don't have a color printer at home, so I like that all of these cards come in black and white. The lovely scripted calendar card is by Pretty Organised.

One day during my practicum, I was really craving root beer and I ended up going to all of the vending machines and food shops in the hospital without finding any. One of the other students was nice enough to find me one, which is why I included a photo of the can. I'm not sure what it was about that placement, but I drank more pop there than I have in years combined.

This week's photos ended up being a bit darker. It was dark when I woke up and headed to the hospital, and then I spent most of the day in the basement before going home when it was dark again. Although I love the look of other people's Project Life spreads with soft, light colors, I like that this spread is representative of how little sunlight I was actually seeing. The "lovely evening" script was a digital stamp by Paislee Press. The photo was blurry, so I like that the stamp added a little extra detail.

That week was also Chinese New Year, and I celebrated by having dinner with Billy and his mom. I placed the "let's celebrate" word sticker by Cosmo Cricket directly on the photo of the traditional dinner. On the photo of my cat, I used a Paislee Press template to add some journaling.

Products Used: Big City Quiet Word Stamp No. 3, Big City Quiet Days of the Week Journaling Cards, Paislee Press Week in Review Card, Paislee Press Pictures and Words No. 7, Pretty Organised calendar card

Changing Project Life Sizes: 6x8 to 9x12

Monday, March 09, 2015

This year seems to be all about the 9x12 Project Life size. Studio Calico and A Beautiful Mess both have new 9x12 albums and page protectors out, and I jumped on the bandwagon to make the change this year. Previously, I've worked with the smaller 6x8 size, but the older Studio Calico album and page protectors I used are now phased out. I wanted to share a few things I've noticed while working with the 9x12 size so far. These are just my thoughts and opinions about moving from the 6x8 to 9x12 size.

PROS: What I like about 9x12

  • Including more 6x4 photos: When I used the 6x8 Project Life size, I typically picked the page protector that had 4 3x4 slots. Since the whole album is smaller, I liked that this page protector gave you more options to add things. I ended up taking mainly portrait oriented photos since the 6x4 photos would either have to be cut in half or cropped to fit the 3x4 orientation. With the 9x12 size, I can add more 6x4 landscape oriented photos without worrying about how to crop them.
  • Taking up less space in an album: With the 6x8 album, I would usually work on a full spread (both sides) at a time, which ended up being 8 3x4 slots. My album got filled up pretty quickly, especially since I added a few custom inserts to hold birthday cards and extra pictures. I tried to make the year fit into one album, but it's a tight fit. I'm still filling in the latter parts of the year, and I'm finding that I'm limiting what I put in to ensure that it fits in one album. Rather than doing a full spread, I'm working with one side at a time with the 9x12 album. This works out to 9 3x4 slots, which isn't too different than the amount I filled in my 6x8 album with two sides. I'm also making an effort to keep embellishing flatter in hopes of reducing the amount of albums needed in a year.
  • Extra space for journalling: As previously mentioned, I have 9 3x4 slots to work with compared to 8 3x4 slots. With this extra space, I have room to add more journalling or filler cards. I usually limited this with the 6x8 album since there was less space available.
  • Page protector styles: There are four main types of page protectors available for both the Studio Calico and A Beautiful Mess 9x12 albums:
      1) full 9x12 (1 slot)
      2) 5 3x4's and 2 6x4's (7 slots)
      3) 3x4 grid (9 slots)
      4) 3x3 grid (12 slots)
  • I like that they have a few different options to try out, and you won't need to buy a different brand of page protectors that will need to be re-punched. The older style of 4-ring 6x8 album didn't have a square grid page protector, and I ended up having to buy another brand and punch in new holes. It's probably not a huge deal to most people, but I wasn't a fan of all of the extra holes I'd end up with.

    CONS: What I don't like about 9x12

  • Restricted positioning of cards: Although I enjoy adding in more 6x4 photos, the structure of the page protector also ends up restricting where I place them. There are two slots for 6x4 photos, so they always end up being in the same places. When planning out my pages, I set these photos down first and then work around them to add in the journaling cards and smaller photos. With the 6x8 album, I could place my photos or journaling cards in any of the slots since they were all 3x4. It's not a big problem, but it is a bit of a change to have a positioning constraint.
  • Awkward size for full pages: Once in a while, I liked adding a full page 6x8 photo to my Project Life. It was a nice change from the usual page protector, and I especially enjoyed the look paired with a square grid page protector. With the 9x12 album, I don't think I can add full 9x12 photos. I don't have a home printer that could fit that size, and I can't justify price of a 12x12 or a 12x18 photo print (at the Canadian Costco, the price for a 12x12 or 12x18 print is $5.99). I started adding a few full sized 6x8 prints to my 9x12 album, and they make for fun inserts.
  • Lack of consistency between pages: Since I work with one side at a time rather than a full spread, sometimes I feel that the flow between pages is not very consistent. Working on a full 6x8 spread usually meant that both sides complemented each other in terms of colors and balance. When I open my 9x12 album, each side works by itself but not necessarily with the page next to it. In a way, I like that each week is a bit different, but sometimes I wish that my album was more cohesive.

  • Overall, I am enjoying the switch from 6x8 to 9x12. There are pros and cons to both, but so far I like how the 9x12 has been working for me. I've been documenting more than previous years, and I've managed to keep up so far. One of the most important thing is that I'm really enjoying working on it. Another size that I've been seeing lately is 6x12 Project Life that Kelly Purkey and Kellie Winnell are doing. I love seeing their spreads, but I'm not too sure how it'd work for me. Maybe something to look into for another year!